Thursday, February 12, 2009

Democrat Sen. John Kerry says that you are too stupid to spend your own money.

We have long held that Democrats believe that the American people are too stupid and incompetent to spend their own money properly. This is mainly because Americans would prefer to earn and invest their money by spending it buying homes, cars, eating at good restaraunts, whereas Democrats would prefer to spend it on condoms for kids, fixing the Department of Agriculture building, adding new furniture for the Department of Labor, and all sorts of other wasteful uses of tax dollars. However, in this clip, you can see that Democrat Sen. John Kerry truly believes that he should be the one who spends your money. He shows utter contempt for you and believes that your money is better spent when it is in his hands because he has superior wisdom over where this money should be spent.

He says that if a businessman or an individual has more of their own money, "there is no guarantee that the individual will invest their money." So what!? It is their money! Does the government "invest" the money when it renovates the Department of Agriculture's building?

"So government, yes, government--has the ability to be able to make a decision that the private sector would not necessarily make today," Democrat Sen. John Kerry states.

Yes, I think that John Kerry is quite right on this point. Most Americans would indeed far prefer to buy a bigger house, a new car, higher-quality food at Whole Foods, perhaps a trip to Las Vegas, as opposed to the wish list of odd ball things that John Kerry has in mind, such as condoms for kids, renovation of government buildings, giving away money to people who do not pay taxes, and creating a computer database for computerized health care data so Washington bureaucrats can learn about your health care history. Yes, I think that the people have different ideas on how to spend their money.

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