Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sen. Chuck Schumer thinks you're a damn idiot!

Look at this clip from arrogant deplorable New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer. Mr. Schumer represents the worst type of politician: one who steals from his constituents and brags about how "the American people really don't care" about this abuse of the public treasury. Yes, Mr. Schumer, the people love paying taxes and "really don't care" if the politicians are transferring this money to their politically connected allies and friends. The American people don't mind being economic slaves to the Washington political class. Instead of being able to serve their own needs, living for their own benefit, they are perfectly fine sending their money to Washington so glib politicians can spend it on wasteful projects and announce that the people "really don't care." Philosophically, this is part of the collectivist mentality that suggests that people should live for another's sake, rather than their own. Sen. Schumer is suggesting that one should not earn a living for their own sake, but rather for the benefit of politicians. New Yorkers: If you can re-elect such a contemptible, low life politician like this, what does it say about you? It says you're a damn fool if you vote for this man again.

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  1. Article released in 2009, it is now 2019 and his despicable behavior has not changed one iota for the better, it is still a toxic component of the DC establishment cesspool as for it being sterilized from society the citizens of NY are even more deviant minded than they were 10 years ago, Schumer will be another Strom Thurmond.


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