Tuesday, April 21, 2009

President Obama Hands Al Qaeda CIA Blueprints on What to Expect if they are Captured.

It is painfully obvious that President Obama is the first American president who truly hates America and is willing to take positions that are certain to undermine our national security. By releasing memos that the CIA had used in the Bush administration in determining what the limits are in interrogating terrorist barbarians, it puts our enemies--the barbarian Islamfascists--on notice of what the ultimate limits Americans are willing to use against them. These barbarians will use these memos as blueprints in determining how to avoid revealing any relevant information regarding imminent threats against America. Obama has essentially stated that he does not care if this hurts our national security. Considering the fact that our enemy is still out there, and we have shown weakness and have taken away a valuable tool to use against our enemy, we are in a far more dangerous position now. We will live to regret this day. And when that day comes, President Obama will be responsible and must be held accountable politically at the ballot box for his disgraceful and contemptible decision to reveal our nation's secrets to our enemies.

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