Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why is President Obama in a hurry to nationalize health care? Senator Kyl knows the answer.

Senator Kyl made a very good observation of President Obama's behavior recently. Senator Kyl said, “There’s a reason why the president has said ‘if we don’t get this done [nationalized, government-run health care] soon, it’s not going to happen."

“Why? Why does he say that? Because he knows that momentum will inevitably slow for something that’s extraordinarily costly, will deny people the coverage that they already have, will ration their health care, and could provide some kind of government insurance company that’s going to drive out the private insurance companies that provide all these options,” he added.

Yes, this is absolutely right. The reason why Obama continues to try to rush the debate on nationalized health care is precisely because he knows that he will not be able to win the debate on the merits. There is no way that Obama can win on the merits by saying that he wishes to move from a private-sector health care system to one that will be government-run. No one has a positive experience dealing with government-run enterprises. When people hear that when they are in pain and need medical help, that they will wait in long lines like those at the DMV and the post office, they will not tolerate this.

Obama's goal is to steamroll the opposition, pass this legislation really quick without any public debate, and to move on to the next destructive policy. We can stop him, though. An educated citizenry is the best check against an authoritarian government.

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