Monday, November 30, 2009

American voters do not believe in man-made global warming.

Does anyone believe in global warming anymore?  Everywhere we go, we see signs at retrailers promising "green" products.  Politicians propose programs that will "create" so-called "green jobs."  (What is a green job?  Installing expensive, hazardous lightbulbs that do not properly illuminate houses?)

  For those of us who sometimes wonder if we live in an irrational, anti-scientific era, there is some promising news.  According to Rasmussen Reports polling, 47% of the nation's voters believe that changes in climate are due to "planetary trends."  Only 37% believe that humans are the cause of any changes in the world's climate.   The idea that humans can change the Earth's climate has always striked us nothing more than the projection of superhuman powers onto mere mortals.  Of course, the real reason for the global warming myth has been an excuse to transfer power and wealth from millions of Americans to the Statists, who have an insatiable appetite for control.

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