Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Democrats nationalize health care industry

Democrats voted to nationalize the health care industry in America on Saturday, and today, Obama signed the unconstitutional bill into law.  Americans, we will not let this legislation remain on the books.  Americans know that this legislation hands over more and more power to the federal government -- instead of in the hands of millions of market participants deciding what is in their best interest.  Democrats do not believe in freedom.  They do not believe in the US Constitution.  It is time to wake up and elect principled conservative Republicans in 2010 and 2010 to contain this agenda and reverse it.

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  1. Curious about your thoughts on Nationalization. What makes you say this? What makes it bad? Does it just feel icky or do you have specific thoughts about it? Any application of objectivism would be helpful. Also on the nationalization, try identifying those things that were decisions that a citizen used to have about their healthcare that they do not have. Very curious on your thoughts here. I think these guidlines will make a really great article and could be useful to objectivists everywhere. In it's current form this article I feel is insufficient.


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