Monday, April 05, 2010

California bar association fears Professors's research will discredit affirmative action

A UCLA professor, Richard Sanders, who is an economist and law professor, has asked for data from the California state bar, including applicants’ race, law schools attended, year graduated from law school, bar pass rate, law school grades and LSAT scores.  Sanders is trying to gather enough evidence to show that race-based admissions actually hurt the very students such policies were designed to help.  By admitting students based upon race, rather than merit, it results in students who cannot compete as well with the students who were admitted based upon race, says Richard Sanders. 
Why won’t the California state bar release this information to Professor Sanders?  The main reason why is because the California State Bar is quite committed to race-based admission policies, and releasing this information will go against their ideological worldview.  So of course they are delaying and obstructing the release of this data.

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