Wednesday, January 05, 2011

John A. Boehner is now Speaker of the House of Representatives

John A. Boehner is now Speaker of the House of Representatives.  Americans are no longer held hostage to the Pelosi Democrats' far-left agenda of higher taxes, more government programs, agencies, commissions, rules, regulations, laws, and higher unemployment.  Americans spoke quite clearly that they don't want Congress to bankrupt our nation with their failed ideology.  Americans love this country because it is based upon liberty.  Liberty means that individuals should be free to pursue their own objectives without coercion by other men, namely, government agents.  Now the hard work begins in terms of repealing the socialist legislation that Nancy Pelosi passed while she was Speaker.  This isn’t going to be easy.  The Democrats have been trying to pass socialist legislation for over a century, and they had this narrow two-year window of opportunity and they rammed through as much as they can.  Now we must slow Obama down, reverse course from the socialist direction we’ve been heading in, and then advance our agenda of liberty. 

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