Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's State of the Union Address: Pretend to be a Conservative

Obama is pretending to be someone he is not in this State of the Union address. He has suggested that he wants to lower corporate income taxes and to rein in "frivolous lawsuits" against health care providers.

Does he really care about either of these issues? NO!

This is a great line to provide in a nationwide speech that a broad swath of Americans are listening to. But will he act upon any of these principles?  No.  It's just another Obama speech, meant to be purely symbolic, but which translates into little or no action.

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  1. He has been posturing and lying since he ran for election. He's gonna end earmarks, you know! He's gonna run everything more efficient! He's gonna stop those bad Bush deficits! he's gonna make the world love us! He's gonna be a uniter! Oh yeah!

    EVERY one of those he did the opposite.


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