Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama Administration Violates National Defense Authorization Act of 2000

The Obama Administration has decided to invite Chinese military officials to sensitive American military sites. After all, if we allow the Chinese to inspect our military sites, they won't then use this information in order to upgrade their military in order to compete with us? It turns out that such visits actually are already a violation of federal law. National Defense Authorization Act of 2000 states that Chinese military visitors are banned from "inappropriate exposure" to highly sensitive military sites. The Obama Administration, as usual, has decided to simply ignore the law. We'll be blunt: this is not patriotic. Democrats hate America and are willing to jeopardize our national security based upon their perverted and downright evil ideology. Does allowing Chinese military officials improve our national security? The answer is simple: no. Is the Obama Administration violating the Defense Authorization Act of 2000? We think so. The only question is whether this is an impeachable offense.

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