Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too many Americans thought 2008 was American Idol season

Too many Americans think of the office of President of the United States as American Idol. It isn't. Ask yourself--have things gotten better or worse since Obama took office? Unemployment is higher. Economic growth is negative. Housing is in a depression. The stock market doesn't know whether to go up or down. Deficits are in the trillions. Afghanistan's Prime Minister said that he would take the side of Pakistan if America went to war against Pakistan. Foreign leaders don't respect this president. All of this is predictable. The president's ideology is statism, that is, the state should be in control of as much of the economy and in our lives as possible. (Look at the Soviet Union to see how this works in practice). President Obama is not a leader. He has done a terrible job and Karen Bass has not done her proper duty in proposing legislation that will repeal the damage that this president has done.

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  1. Did you even care to research about what Congress has done? You can't blame Obama for constantly asking Congress to pass bills that would create new jobs. Congress hasn't done anything to help us and you're blaming Obama


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