Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama Hates America

One out of three Americans do not believe Obama loves America.  Can someone list a single thing in Obama's background that would suggest that he loves America--the way it was founded?  We are living in a post-constitutional America, where the rule law no longer applies.  The reason why people come from all over the world to enter into America is because we are a land of freedom and liberty.  People did not come here because they want freebies, politicians who think they can do whatever they want, or because they think "Obama is cool."  The people who legitimately immigrate to America do so because our nation is different from the places where they came from.  If you're reading this from China or some other place where the rule of law applies, you know that this is true.
The legitimate question to ask is how did we reach a point in time that we would elect a man who has contempt for America to be our nation's president?  That is the part that does not make sense.  Obama is not an ordinary president with typical ambitions.  Rather, he seeks to control this country in any way that he can.

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